#GLturns10: Dumb luck brought us here

#GLturns10: Dumb luck brought us here

#GLturns10: Dumb luck brought us here

“What can I say? Who am I? Is any of this even real?” That, friends, is a mere sampling of the myriad of thoughts running through my mind as I pause to pen this note reflecting on 10 years of Graf Lantz. While putting into words the meaning of these some ~3,500 days is admittedly daunting, I must and I shall. So, without further ado, here are my ramblings…

Folks by all accounts this vagabond Graf Lantz trio of myself, Captain Holger S. Graf, and our fearless, effortlessly classy matriarch Frances Joan Sparkle (aka Frankie) are all products of luck. Dumb, preposterous luck. Our story is pretty simple. We’re fashion and design geeks. It’s in our DNA. One day we decided to try our hand at making bags. Now we’re here.

Last night at the factory I said to Holger, “Dude. Ten years. How cool is this?” Without looking away from his computer he replies, “Super cool.” I just smiled. Frankie snoring in my lap. Holger in his own world taking inventory. A faint sound of a clock somewhere. A couple seconds pass. Then Holger glances from his screen, looks at me and says, “It’s super duper cool.” Then immediately returns to his task. And Frankie wagged her tail. And my heart was full.

When happiness, gratitude, love, calmness, and appreciation all hit you at the same time it creates joy, the highest octane fuel life has to offer. Graf Lantz is headed to the future with a full tank. On behalf of Holger, Frankie and myself, thank you from the bottom of our heart- shaped hearts <3

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