Exclusive Launch: Graf Lantz x Wildfang Capsule Collection

Exclusive Launch: Graf Lantz x Wildfang Capsule Collection

Exclusive Launch: Graf Lantz x Wildfang Capsule Collection

Folks, pardon the enthusiasm but heads-up, we are TOTALLY SUPER STOKED to announce a collaborative little secret we’ve been brewing up here in La-La Land with our mighty inspiring, cooler-than-cool lady wizard style queen friends, Wildfang up in Portland, OR!

    If you know you know, but if you don’t, here’s the #scoop: Wildfang is one of the coolest tomboy inspired fashion companies around, and one Graf Lantz has always admired and been inspired by. Like us, they sort of throw their own party, making something out of nothing every day and they’re absolutely crushing it. Founded by 3 wonder women rad scientists, Wildfang consistently produces some of the freshest, smartest ladies pieces we’ve seen in recent times. We HAD to get in on it. Lucky for us, they were into the idea of a cross-pollination series of work inspired essential accessories (woot-woot!).

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the Wildfang x Graf Lantz co-brand capsule collection. Make a green tea, throw on some tunes and feast those wandering eyes on some of the hippest, most versatile wax-canvas creations to hit the functional fashion industry since mid-century canteen bags. True to the Wildfang soul, the collection is rule-breaking by nature. With each product, traditionally male-focused design has been benevolently hijacked, deconstructed and refocused to extend beyond a single-sex audience.

The thing is, even in the worlds of style and design there are boys clubs. We see the Wildfang capsule collection as a refreshing knock on the door – not requesting to be let in, rather announcing “Hi, we’re here”

So there you have it. Check out the goods below and make room in your closet for one or three more must-haves, courtesy of the good people at Wildfang and, of course, all their fans here at Graf Lantz.

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