Wistful Thinking

Wistful Thinking

We are definitely “stop and smell the roses” kind of people. We always take the time to notice what’s in bloom. It’s a way to slow down, pay attention, and remember what season we are in – rather than the one we are designing for.

When we first arrived here in Silverlake, the neighborhood was severely lacking in greenery. Our first action was to make huge planter boxes and set them along the sidewalks around the building. Since then they’ve become a kind of landmark. It’s surprising how many people on this side of LA know our building because of the planters. In the middle of it all, lives our favorite of them: a wisteria that we’ve watched grow along with us bringing joy every year.

When the bloom happened last year we decided to do something special to pay tribute, so we made our very own wisteria – the limited felt color for spring ‘18. Wisteria is here folks. It’s gonna be a fun week.We like the wisteria because it’s sudden and fleeting. Every year, it stops us in our tracks and keeps us coming back day after day to watch the blooms progress for the short week they are here. Well, guess what? It’s happening again. Two days ago we noticed a single blossom. Today it looks like the pictures below. We prepared for this.

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