It’s all in the wrist

It’s all in the wrist

One of the things we love most here at the factory is any chance to get our hands dirty with a little paint and canvas. That’s how the splatter line came to be in the first place, and every now and then it’s still an itch that needs a scratch.

We only paint a couple times of year when the feeling is right. Last Friday, the feeling was definitely right. Holger and I have just returned from one of our tornado trips to Europe for felt colors and this is how we decided to re-plant ourselves and get our bearings. Hands-on creative work has always been the best therapy, the fun is in the discovery. Every time we do this we learn something new. I’m not quite sure how to make my thoughts on paint drops falling from ten feet high sound interesting, but when we’re lucky, details like that tend to swallow us up, stop time, and carry us to a different place for a moment.

I walked onto the production floor ten minutes ago to see the finished panels already up on the tables. They are being cut and sewn as I write this. Moments like these are when it all falls into place me and where the satisfaction from this experiment we call Graf Lantz really sinks in. Three days ago it was a gallon of paint and a bolt of denim, today it’s being formed into bags. Tomorrow they will leave these doors for a life of their own, with people we’ve never met. It’s a pretty great feeling, and thanks to all of you, we get to keep chasing it.

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