For the women of Graf Lantz

For the women of Graf Lantz

For the women of Graf Lantz

As I’m writing this, Holger and I are in Europe finalizing production colors for felt in Germany, attending the leather fair in Milan, and visiting vendors and suppliers in Rome, Berlin and Barcelona. We got here just in time for the coldest weather in years. We haven’t slept in the same city more than twice and haven’t seen a day above °0 since we landed. We’ve even seen it snow in Rome, where it took 2 hours fighting tooth and nail for a taxi to the airport. This is a trip we take twice a year. It’s always as inspirational as it is exhausting.

This whole time, I was avoiding writing this. I make no secret that my course in life has been determined by the examples of some pretty amazing women, but choosing, from that list, who to write about brings out the best of my abilities to procrastinate. That all changed with a phone call that put things in focus real quick.

The short story is an emergency at the Graf Lantz factory, far away in LA. Unexpected stuff happens all the time, but this one was a doosey, and also my fault. Here’s what’s interesting: I didn’t hear about it ’till the next day when it was already resolved.  The team at the office, like so many times before, took it on and worked it out. They cajoled the vendors, they badgered the shippers, and in the end, they kept the place running, like they always do. That’s when I knew who I wanted to write about to commemorate Women’s day this year.

Holger and I are pretty lucky bosses. Somehow in our search to find the best people to fill in for the many places where we lack, we ended up with a team of the most incredible women who make this company, and us, better and stronger every day. I often joke that they save us from ourselves. It’s not really a joke because it’s true.

We started all this just wanting to make interesting and well-made products that we could put our name on. Suddenly it’s our tenth year – and counting – and even though the name is Graf Lantz, it was our team who brought us here.  So, here’s to Kim, and Rachel, and Paula, and Sarah, Casey, Adelia, Ayesha, Clementina, Sara, Christine, Lucrecia, Adela, Lourdes, Clementina, and Rosa. This company exists because of you and this year we think is the time our customers know it.

With much love and appreciation,

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