Wool as a medium: a mini-manifesto

Wool as a medium: a mini-manifesto

Wool as a medium: a mini-manifesto

Wool felt sits in an unabashedly special place in the hearts of the team here at Graf Lantz. It’s a true story that we launched Graf Lantz specifically because of wool felt. Back then (almost 10 very fast years ago) we were taken with its richness and heritage. But nowadays it’s more like a fascination.

We used to be surprised how wool, a textile with so many qualities ideally suited to modern needs, can be so highly overlooked in fashion-forward accessories. Maybe millions of years of evolution and more than 10K years as a foundation textile for civilization makes it a little old-fashioned for some, who knows? And who cares? We’re happy to spread the word.

To us, it’s about a textile engineered by nature’s tough rules that consistently outperforms the hi-tech fabrics designed to replace it; all while being sustainable, biodegradable, and highly resistant to water and stain. It also just happens to perfectly fit our passion for designing to form, structure and rich color.

Look for yourself.

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