Oh, the Jaunt tote

Oh, the Jaunt tote

So many stories, so little space on this page. The short story is: The Jaunt started everything for Graf Lantz and it guides us today. It set the entire tone for our company by helping define us to ourselves.

Of course, there’s the long story too – and I guess there is no better place for it than here. It’s filled with adventure and danger at every turn, like the time we were attacked in our sleep by a pack of giant felt bolts that came crashing down on us. With all the machines and work tables in our 800 sq ft apartment, we had no other place to store enough felt for our first Jaunt production, so we lined the walls three deep in the bedroom until somewhere – something shifted and all hell broke loose.

Then there are the many road trip expeditions in our quest to find a rare and exotic beast that became our first industrial zig-zag machine. It’s the machine that finishes each Jaunt with its signature stitching and enables the paneling. When we finally found her, we couldn’t afford the shipping – nor could we wait – so we somehow packed the whole thing in the old civic and drove the 800 miles home with one rear window open. We still use that machine every day, by the way.

As hokey as it all sounds, the Jaunt has always kept us securely anchored in what, exactly, is good about the good old days and what we need to bring into the future. It’s a constant reminder to keep being those resilient, imaginative, and naively fearless people who started all this. It has completely guided who we are, how we keep the shop, and how we treat people we’ve met along the way.

We had recognized early on that no one was really looking closely at merino wool felt and there was free reign to explore it. The following step was to take the things we liked about felt and tried to give it a form. For Holger, it was home and structure. For me, it was the grace of resilience.

What we ended up with was straightforward, dependable, easily familiar and quietly timeless. If anything describes what we’re out to accomplish with our work and company, that would pretty much nail it.


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