International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Last night I was scolded by an 84 year old Japanese woman in Hokkaido, Japan. She was very upset that in my busy life I haven’t been eating enough vegetables. Her name is Sumiko Yasuhara. I’ve known her since I was 22 years old and just starting my life in Japan. She saw something good in me and has shown me everything I like about myself and the world, ever since. Thankfully she’s still at it, reminding me there is always more than one perspective.

Throughout my life, women have played an extremely important role. They are the examples of wisdom, patience, fearlessness, passion, hope and even brutal honesty, that guide this company and its values. I am the luckiest of men.

Why any of this matters was brought into focus during a recent exchange with an associate here at Graf Lantz. She told us that in her entire professional career, our company was the first place where she had ever felt safe, appreciated and equal.  I’ve never felt so proud and grateful all at once.

Graf Lantz stands with women on this International Women’s day.

Best wishes,

Daniel Lantz

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